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The 2021 ICT Convention / Symposium topic was “Net Zero Carbon Concrete“ and by any standards is a most ambitious claim. More to the point, is it attainable? Who will be the winners and who the losers?

This Symposium featured ten presentations spanning the available options from what is desirable through to what can be achieved at a practical and economic level. It is clear that concrete’s carbon legacy is a global problem and is being addressed nationally and internationally. As a consequence, there will be presentations from the U.K., France, Germany, South Africa, Sweden and Belgium and Chaired by the CEO of the World Cement Association. This will be a significant event and perhaps a wake-up call.

Topics ranged from operational / production issues as well as materials changes and applicational matters. There is a real commitment to achieving the stated objective resulting in alterations to the designing, making and use of concrete. In addition, the perceptions about concrete are going to change and we all need to be aware to what extent and by when.

The Symposium provided a unique opportunity to hear from those who are leading these changes. Access to the on demand recordings is via the ICT. Register for an account and then contact the ICT for access via ict@concrete.org.uk.

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